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The new way of controlling light.

How does the Wellumic smart light control work? We will explain the control system and its functions by following a typical day in the office.

A productivestart to the day.

Only 15% of office lighting is based on professional lighting design. Yet it is proven to improve employee performance and job satisfaction. If there isn’t enough sunlight at dawn, artificial lighting is added. A rapid increase in the proportion of blue light promotes concentration and helps us wake up.



The sun rises. Artificial lighting with proportions of blue light in the indirect light ensures a focused start to the day. At the same time, the warm, direct light creates a pleasant climate in the room.

Lighting: warm light at the desk, cold light on the ceiling

External venetian blind: closed to the east

Safe energy.

Energy efficiency is a key criterion in the search for a suitable lighting solution. Wellumic augments artificial lighting only when there is insufficient daylight. The integrated sun shading system significantly reduces cooling loads in the summer and energy costs in the winter. This saves energy and makes buildings more sustainable.



The sun peaks at midday. This is the brightest time of the day. The external venetian blind protects against direct solar radiation and deflects the maximum amount of diffuse daylight into the office. So we can work in glare-free, optimum lighting conditions.

Lighting: no artificial lighting required

External venetian blind: horizontal slat position

Perfectly supported.

It is often difficult to work in rooms illuminated by natural daylight when the light conditions change. Wellumic prevents this by adapting to every situation. If there is too much solar radiation, a sun shading system is used to prevent glare. A sudden lack of light when clouds pass over is rectified by artificial lighting. And the entire process is automatic thanks to the smart control.



The position of the sun falls, the external venetian blind automatically closes its slats to guarantee we can continue working without glare. The decreasing proportions of blue light in the daylight are optimally rendered in the spatial depth by the artificial lighting.

Lighting: warm light throughout the room

External venetian blind: half-closed to the south

More harmony.

The trend towards a 24-hour society is having fatal effects on our health. Gearing artificial lighting to the dynamic of daylight, on the other hand, supports the body’s natural biorhythms and improves our sleep. So we face the next day feeling refreshed.


During the evening hours, high proportions of blue light in the artificial lighting are avoided to prevent our biological clock dropping out of synch. Warm light and a reduced illuminance level have a relaxing effect and prepare us for the biological rest phase during the night.

Lighting: warm light throughout the room

External venetian blind: closes only at night to ensure thermal protection and privacy